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Jens Kokholm
Latest acquisitions
Kemper - when silence is a must
Carl Martin PlexiDrive - primarily for home studio
Gibson Sheryl Crow - ahhh this is a nice one - plays and sound amazing
Kala KA TE - ukulele
BluerRidge Larry Sparks western

Suhr Custom built Strat
Suhr S3 Pro
Neal Moser - 80’ies axe
Fender Standard Strat (Custom Body) - Dimarzio Stacked Single Coils
- sometimes with an EMG David Gilmour sæt.
Tokai ES120
Taylor 512
Godin Multiac Nylon
Yamaha 12 string
Kasuga 5 string Banjo

Amps & Cabs
Marshall 1987X
Suhr Badger 18
Koch Studio Tone heads
Soldano x99
Boogie 290 power-amp
2 stk. CAE 2x12 - Vintage 30 & Govenor
2 stk. Koch 2x12 - Vintage 30/Greenbacks
Diverse custom 1x12 + 2x12

Vox Wah
Cry Baby
Ernie Ball Volume/expression pedal
T-REX Big Foot MIDI controller
Xotic BB-Preamp
Xotic RC- Booster
Fulltone - OCD
Maxon SD9
Corona - TC Electronic
Shaker - TC Electronic
Flashback - TC Electronic
Hall of Fame - TC Electronic
Vortex - TC Electronic
MXR Phase 90
Cioks PSU
TC Electronic G-Force
RJM RG 16 loop-switcher
MXR buffer (why didn't I buy one earlier?)

117- other things
Dansk version