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Jens Kokholm

Exiting Times

jan 21th. 2012

As a 'hired gunman' it is always difficult to get gigs distributed evenly. 2011 was difficult to get booked for me, but right now I'm looking at busy times. January the 14th and 15th I played new year concerts in Silkeborg with Maria Lucia and Dominique Moralez.

Now I'm preparing guitar for Evita that will be playing in Holsterbro and on tour in most of Denmark. Unlike the symphonic version I played a few years back in Silkeborg, this is a more funky version guided by Jakob Trautner. This version is written for 2 guitars and it will be a pleasure batteling guitar with Sune Haansbaek.

Mid March I will start Chess in Århus and Klaus Lorentzen will replace me on Evita. It will be the fifth time I play Chess so I expect to recognize a page or two :-)
Dansk version